Fence Tips – Choosing the Right One

If you’re looking for a new fence for your backyard or patio, here’s everything you should know about picking the best one.

According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost for a professionally installed fence is $2,800, ranging from $400 to $9,200, according to HomeAdvisor. Installing a fence typically costs $13 to $50 per linear foot, including professional installation. Factors including the size and type of fence as well as your yard’s slope can affect these numbers. Element Construction & Maintenance can visit your property and give you an estimate with a scope of work for your fence installation.

Choosing a Fence with Purpose

Gain Privacy

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Privacy fences should be designed so they blend into the landscape rather than standing out against it. They may also be made of wood, metal, or plastic, depending on what kind of privacy you’re trying to achieve. Space them about 6 feet apart, and make sure they’re not too close together. You’ll probably need to get permission from your neighbors before installing one.

If ease of entry is more important to you than privacy, then install several offset fences to block the road from the public eye while allowing people to walk through.

If it seems like too much trouble to put up a tall privacy fence all around your property, you might want to go for a step-up design instead. You could have a taller section surrounding your patio furniture and hot tubs, and then a shorter one alongside the grass. These are the most common type of fences for neighbors, apartment property lines, and for HOAs.

Shield Wind

If you’re looking for something easy to install and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, consider installing a privacy screen made from vinyl or wood slats. You can use these screens to protect a space from the elements or to create a private outdoor living space. They’re especially useful when you don’t have a lot of room to play around with them.

A Fence for Security

Security Fence and Security Gate Installation Service, Contact Element Construction & Maintenance for a quote. Your first priority when building a secure perimeter is to ensure that it has a tall enough height, lacks any places where people could grab onto it, and has a sturdy, lockable door. A good perimeter needs to be at least 8 ft tall, although you can add some extra height by adding a few inches of trellising to the top of a six-ft wall. Pick a solid wood fencing material that won’t splinter easily, and choose a style without any horizontal rails on the outside for added safety.

Block a Street View

When your home is located on a busy street, establishing a peaceful backyard starts with the right wall. If you want to permit some sunlight into the room, choose a wall with small openings between panels (or even a latticed style). And if you’d like to create a little extra privacy, consider installing a frosted glass panel. Just remember to measure carefully so the panels fit snugly together.

Fences to Keep Your Dog In

The first thing to know about dog fences is that they come in two basic varieties: vertical and horizontal. Vertical fences keep your dog contained within an area, whereas horizontal fences allow them access to both sides of the enclosure. For small enclosures, such as kennels, a simple chain link or wire mesh may suffice. Larger enclosures should include a solid barrier made of metal or plastic.

There are six ways to help your dog and landscape play nicely together.

If your dog is prone to barking at things he shouldn’t be barking at, you might want to invest in a solid fencing system to keep him from seeing these things.

Keep Deer Out

Some deers can leap nearly eight foot high, thus being hard to keep out of gardens using normal fences. Solid fences are great because they block the deer’s sight of your delicious veggies – it’s unlikely they’ll try to enter an unsafe area if they can’t see what’s inside. If privacy fences aren’t desired (you want to be able to watch and enjoy your own backyard), you can increase the height of your existing fences by putting up tall netting or growing tall hedges along one edge. Another option is to widen your existing fences by placing larger bushes along one edge -deers won’t be able to leap as far if they’re forced to clear a wide expanse of ground.

long distance.

Secure Your Pool

Even if you don’t have any kids in your house, it’s important to take precautions to protect your swimming pools from unauthorized visitors. For example, you might want to consider installing a security fence

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around your property. And you may want to check out the CPSC’s safety tips for parents.

For swimming pools, there are several important things to consider when designing and installing a safe barrier. First, the barrier must be at least 48″ high, and the distance between barriers must not exceed 1½”. Second, the barrier should be equipped with a child-proof latch and should be designed so that it opens outwards. Third, the barrier should be made of solid material rather than mesh.

Before you buy that fence, check out these five things first.


  • If you need to get a permit before starting construction, check local building codes and go through the permitting process.
  • Find out where your boundary line is. If you’re not sure, hire someone to draw up a plan for you.
  • Make sure there aren’t any underground utilities in the way.

The cost of fence installation and repair has been on the rise due to inflation.  The cost of raw materials for fences and skilled labor has been increasing year over year.  That is why it’s important for you to pick a fencing contractor that can deliver quality at a competitive price.  If you are looking for a fence and you are located in the SF Bay Area, contact Element Construction & Maintenance for a quote.

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